Sticking to It: Making New Year's Resolutions That Really Last

Published Date 12/30/2019
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Are you listing out your new year's resolutions? Learn how to make them stick.

Making New Year's resolutions is a popular way to ring in another year. Winter puts us in a mind of hibernation, which is the perfect time to think about what you want to change and how you'll watch these accomplishments spring forth as the weather warms. Unfortunately, many resolutions ultimately fail. Try these strategies to formulate a more successful approach to your goals this year. 

Examine What's Good

It's tempting to dream about restructuring your whole life with the new year, but this type of undertaking is often too broad and overwhelming to succeed at. Instead of thinking about things that you want to change, focus on what's good in your life. Examine your most accomplished areas and think about ways that you can build on these. You may find that you can naturally replace behaviors and habits that you're not happy with by simply edging them out with new and enjoyable activities and goals.

Get an Outside Opinion

Before you set your resolutions, take some time to think critically about the best direction for your life. It can often help to get an outside opinion. Close friends and family members may have suggestions for some smart goals. A work evaluation will give you tips on areas where you can improve. Getting an authentic psychic reading may help as well.

Seek the Source of Your Problems

If you're trying to resolve an issue in your life, identify the source of that problem. If you can't pinpoint the cause, you're less likely to succeed in dealing with it. Perhaps you smoke because you enjoy the afternoon break. Taking time to step outside for a walk will allow you to enjoy the same relief. If you understand the motivation behind a habit, you can better replace it with a satisfying alternative.

Focus on the Rewards

Most habits are motivated by rewards. If you want to form a new habit, it's best to focus on the reward that you'll receive from the new action. If you want to lose weight, think about exercises that you'll enjoy. Perhaps you can join a Pilates class with a friend. Seeing your companion each week is a satisfying reward for going out and committing to better fitness. 

Share Your Goals

Find someone that you can talk to about your goals and progress. This sense of accountability will often help you push forward with your resolutions when you might otherwise be tempted to give up. A regular live psychic chat with an intuitive advisor may help you stay on track while giving you valuable insights into the best path forward.

Take a mindful approach to your New Year's resolutions so you can attack your goals in the most effective way possible. Write down your intentions and check in often to see how you're making progress toward bettering yourself or your world.


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