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Most Witchy States in the U.S.

Updated: October 26, 2022
by Psychic Source

Key Takeaways

  • Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island are the witchiest states in the U.S.
  • New Jersey, Georgia and New York were most interested in seeking psychics.
  • Wyoming was most interested in spellcasting, while Minnesota was the least.
  • Americans were most interested in love and beauty spells.
  • Oregon was the state most interested in healing crystals.

Where Do Witches Dwell?

More than just costumes or fictional characters, witches have played a historic role in shaping American society. Once scorned for their powers, today, they're revered for them. For this reason, we decided to see which U.S. states are most interested in witch-adjacent topics by analyzing the search volume of witchy terms across the country. Read on to find out where the witchiest Americans dwell.

Casting Across the Continent

To begin our search, we divined search terms that might indicate an interest in witchery. Once our tea leaves settled, a state-by-state ranking was revealed.

Search Terms Used To Determine Witchy Rankings

Am I a witch

Astrologer near me

Astrologer readings

Gemstone meanings

Gemstone store mear me

How to cast a spell

How to do witchcraft

List of spells

Mediums near me

Moon magic

White magic

Black magic

Mystics near me

Mystic readings

Psychic mediums near me

Psychic readings

Psychics near me

What defines a witch

Wicca beliefs

Witchcraft store near me

Source: 2022 Psychicsource.com Study

Though some of the search terms we used to determine the witchiest states may sound similar, the words "mystic", "psychic" and "medium" don't have the same meaning. The rule of thumb is that "while every medium is a psychic, not every psychic is a medium." Although both might tell fortunes and predict events, mediums specialize in channeling spirits from other realms.

This distinction was particularly important among those in New Hampshire, who were the Americans most interested in communicating with the dead. On the other hand, people in Hawaii were the least interested in doing so.

While mystics tend to be deeply in touch with certain deities or spiritual practices, astrologers are more in tune with the archetypes of gods and goddesses in the context of ancient traditions, such as Hellenistic or Vedic astrology. Witchy types who are into astrology might search for "moon magic." This type of magic relies on the lunar cycles to help you achieve abundance and healing with the waxing and waning of the moon's light. Colorado was the state most interested in moon magic, while Wyoming and West Virginia were the least.

Witch, Please!

States Most Associated with Witchy Search Terms

New Jersey, Georgia, and New York were most interested in seeking psychics.

1 Massachusetts
2 New Hampshire
3 Rhode Island
4 Connecticut
5 New Jersey
6 Delaware
7 New York
8 Florida
9 Georgia
10 Nevada
11 California
12 Illinois
13 Pennsylvania
14 Tennessee
15 Maryland
16 Maine
17 Michigan
18 Arizona
19 Washington
20 Vermont
21 Colorado
22 Virginia
23 Oregon
24 Utah
25 Texas
26 North Carolina
27 South Carolina
28 Hawaii
29 Ohio
30 Wisconsin
31 Indiana
32 Minnesota
33 Missouri
34 Louisiana
35 Kentucky
36 New Mexico
37 Idaho
38 Alabama
39 Iowa
40 Kansas
41 Arkansas
42 Oklahoma
43 Nebraska
44 Mississippi
45 Alaska
46 North Dakota
47 Montana
48 West Virginia
49 South Dakota
50 Wyoming

Source: 2022 Google AdWords

We also researched search terms related to specific types of magic. While some believe that black magic is bad and white magic is good, others argue that this binary is rooted in falsehoods. Whatever the intention, "black magic" drew the most search interest from Californians, and "white magic" was sought most by people in Nevada.

Based on the volume of our list of witchy search terms, the witchiest state of all was Massachusetts, which came as no surprise. Massachusetts is home to Salem, a town infamous for its witch trials of the 1600s when hundreds of Puritans were accused of witchcraft and dozens executed. But despite the devil-worshiping stigma that was attached to them at that time, being a witch today can mean anything from collecting crystals to practicing Wicca (both of which were included in our analysis of witchy internet search terms). Witches don't submit to any one authority, and to many, that's the point.

Spells Across the States

Perhaps the most familiar aspect of witchcraft is spellcasting. Next, we looked into the most popular spells sought after by each state to find out who's casting what.

Spell Ya Later!

Spell Searches

Most Associated with Each State

Wyoming was the most interested in spell casting while Minnesota was the least.

spell searches most associated with each state


  • Defense spellsDefense Spells
  • Peace spellsPeace Spells


  • Truth spellsTruth Spells
  • Illusion spellsIllusion Spells
  • Forgetful spellsForgetful Spells

Ill Will

  • Revenge spellsRevenge Spells
  • Misfortune spellsMisfortune Spells


  • Diet spellsDiet Spells
  • Hair spellsHair Spells


  • Attraction spellsAttraction Spells
  • Erotic spellsErotic Spells
  • Obsession spellsObsession Spells


  • Career spellsCareer Spells
  • Fortune spellsFortune Spells
  • Money spellsMoney Spells


  • Immortality spellsImmortality Spells
  • Resurrection spellsResurrection Spells


  • Rain spellsRain Spells
  • Snow spellsSnow Spells
  • Sun spellsSun Spells
  • Wind spellsWind Spells

Source: 2022 Google AdWords

Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, Delaware, and North Dakota were the states most interested in spellcasting in general, but spells for love and beauty were the most common searches overall. Rain spells were often searched for in Texas and New Mexico, with their dry, arid climates. Similarly, money spells were unique to Nevada, home to the gambling Mecca of Las Vegas. Health-conscious Colorado was among the states most interested in diet spells, alongside Washington and Oregon.

Crystal Cravings

Precious and semi-precious gemstones are staples for many a witch and are also commonly used by new-age spiritual practitioners. Each type of crystal has a unique energy that can support different types of energy and spell work, if used and cared for properly and in the right context. Let's look at which crystals resonate with each state the most.

States Most Interested in Healing Crystals

For Health



  • 1Oregon
  • 2Hawaii
  • 3Utah
  • 4Nevada
  • 5Washington


  • 1Oregon
  • 2Utah
  • 3Washington
  • 4Vermont
  • 5Colorado


  • 1Oregon
  • 2Washington
  • 3California
  • 4Hawaii
  • 5Massachusetts


  • 1Maryland
  • 2Alabama
  • 3Tennessee
  • 4Arkansas
  • 5Georgia
clear quartz

Clear Quartz

  • 1Nevada
  • 2Hawaii
  • 3California
  • 4Arizona
  • 5Florida

Source: 2022 Google AdWords

One way people associate with the meaning and power of crystals is through the chakras. Like crystals, each chakra has a different color and energy, and the two can work together to help you find balance. Amethyst, for example, is often associated with the crown chakra (purple) and can be used to clear the mind. This stone was searched for the most in Oregon — the state most interested in crystals overall. Another popular stone among Oregonians was obsidian, which corresponds to the root chakra. Although this chakra typically relates to the color red, black obsidian is also associated with it due to its protective qualities.

With its wide variety of colors, Jasper shored up a lot of interest in Maryland and a handful of southern states. Likewise, the amplifying quality of clear quartz makes it useful for many different magical or spiritual purposes. This might explain its popularity in so many different parts of the U.S. ranging from the Pacific to the Atlantic regions.

States Most Interested in Healing Crystals

For Wealth

tiger's eye'

Tiger's Eye

  • 1Hawaii
  • 2Nevada
  • 3California
  • 4Oregon
  • 5Colorado


  • 1Hawaii
  • 2Oregon
  • 3Arizona
  • 4Nevada
  • 5California


  • 1New Mexico
  • 2Arizona
  • 3Utah
  • 4Texas
  • 5Colorado


  • 1Pennsylvania
  • 2Nevada
  • 3New York
  • 4Montana
  • 5Virginia


  • 1Louisiana
  • 2Nevada
  • 3Oregon
  • 4Hawaii
  • 5New York

Source: 2022 Google AdWords

People in Hawaii seemed to have a penchant for golden-hued stones. Their favorites were tiger’s eye and citrine — both associated with grounding and strength. But New Mexico, in typical Western style, was most interested in turquoise. After all, doesn’t the look of a stone imbue some of its power?

States Most Interested in Healing Crystals

For Love

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

  • 1Nevada
  • 2California
  • 3Hawaii
  • 4Texas
  • 5Arizona


  • 1Massachusetts
  • 2Oregon
  • 3Utah
  • 4Washington
  • 5New Hampshire


  • 1New York
  • 2Oregon
  • 3California
  • 4Utah
  • 5Washington

Source: 2022 Google AdWords

Crystals for love — the most popular goal among American spellcasters — often reflect the heart chakra colors, red or pink. Perhaps that’s why rose quartz is so often associated with romance and why its blushing beauty and that of the deeper-hued ruby drew so much search interest from opposite ends of the country: Nevada and New York, respectively.

Who’s the Witchiest of Them All?

As spirits from the other side creep into our realm across the U.S. in the coming weeks, we now have a clearer idea of which states are eager to welcome and work with these entities — and which might be looking to banish them. Practices popular in some areas were less common in others. For example, beauty spells dominated in California, while protection spells were most prevalent in Maine. Americans’ crystal searches might also indicate varying interests. Could Nevada residents’ quests for rose quartz point to a desire for love in romance in their state? Regardless of your spiritual practices or how you’ll celebrate this witchiest of seasons, have a safe and spirited Halloween.


We collected search volume from the last 12 months from Google AdWords to determine all of the above findings.

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