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Psychic Source is widely known in the industry as the most respected psychic service. Partnering with us allows you to be a member of an elite group of Advisors who have a lifelong dedication to helping people make positive changes in their lives.


Since 1989, our gifted Advisors have been committed to delivering authentic psychic readings by phone and online chat.

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Until I discovered Psychic Source, it had not been easy for me to find a company that shares my concern for people and one who values communication the way that I do. The 20 years I have worked with them have been amazing and if a company could be a soulmate, Psychic Source is mine!

The staff and management genuinely care about the readers as well as the customers and are ready to assist in a moment’s notice, no matter what the issue. They don’t just SAY they will ‘be there,’ they do it! They value our input and sincerely want their readers to have a supportive, fulfilling work environment, offering a level of communication, honest, empathy and professionalism rarely found in business today.

In addition, you will find Psychic Source to be a very forward thinking, cutting edge, intelligent and fun group of people. Always implementing new programs and new technologies, the company continues to bring our services to ever-widening groups and platforms, having a local and global reach. In the end, everything they do results in a higher quality service for the customer and readers alike.

- Therese x7215

I have been affiliated with Psychic Source in the capacity of an Intuitive Advisor for over 14 years. Psychic Source has always shown integrity, fairness, given direction or offered recommendations to me. I love having the flexibility of scheduling my hours and being able to access the website for information. Even though the Advisors do not "know" one another, we all respect and recommend each other (based on feedback we receive from our customers). Psychic Source is definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, a large company with a "family" attitude where the workers affiliated with Psychic Source are concerned.

- Stella x7343

If you are a truly professional and caring psychic advisor, you should explore joining with Psychic Source. Their application process is rigorous, and it is evident they want only honest, sincere, and highly qualified advisors affiliated with them. Their rules and regulations assure their customers that their Psychic Advisors deliver only the highest and most honest and caring level of service, as well as protecting the privacy of their advisors. Psychic Source provides us with outstanding support. Their technology is very advanced and easy to use. The staff is highly professional, always friendly and helpful, and ready to offer advice and assistance when requested. Their compensation system is extremely accurate and always on time. For thirty years I wrote books, taught classes, and did research on psychic phenomena. I have been associated with Psychic Source for over five years and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

- Bridgette x8133

Psychic Source is committed to providing exceptional high-quality readings to their clients. They genuinely care for clients and advisors. We are thoroughly screened and tested for our gifts and reading style to ensure high-quality in-depth readings. The staff and management are not only kind and professional, they are also great people who are committed to quality, ethics and integrity for advisors and for their clients. From onboarding to any questions about technology, the staff and management are there to help cultivate a caring and professional environment to help serve clients at the highest level. Communication and troubleshooting for any questions about technology are always prompt and helpful. Their level of honesty and integrity is also unparalleled. I am grateful and honored to be part of a service that cares for its advisors while providing an optimal experience for both advisors and clients!

- Roxanne x3051