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Tarot readings are among the most well-known and popular types of psychic readings. Tarot cards date back to 15th-century Europe when they were mostly used for game playing. It was in the 18th and 19th centuries that psychic tarot readings for divination, or fortune-telling, became popular.

What type of deck do tarot readers use to get a true reading?

A tarot reading centers around a deck of cards with specific drawings and symbols, somewhat similar to the popular 52-card playing deck that is used in cartomancy. The most common deck for tarot readings in modern times contains 78 cards, of which 22 are called major arcana and 56 are called minor arcana. During a personal tarot reading, a reader uses the cards to uncover patterns, energies, and trends that can help interpret your present situation and predict future occurrences. Tarot card readings are available day or night via phone, online chat, or video. Plus, with our online tarot readings delivered via chat, you also receive a copy of your reading transcript.

How do online tarot readings work over the phone?

Because they are so versatile, tarot card readings are appropriate for nearly any situation, and a phone tarot reading can be just as powerful as visiting a reader in person. One of the most popular types of psychic love readings is a love tarot reading, which focuses on questions of the heart to give you accurate answers.

During a psychic tarot reading, the reader lays the cards out in one of a number of different arrays, or spreads, depending on the question you ask and the way the tarot reader feels would be most revealing. The cards that appear and the order in which they are arrayed enable the tarot reader to shed light on your situation and answer your questions. Some of the things tarot readers consider in a spread include:

  • Which cards appear next to each other
  • Whether cards appear right side up or upside down
  • Which side of the spread certain cards appear on
  • Whether the cards are major or minor arcana

In this video, our tarot readers talk about how the imagery of the cards opens gateways to deeper understanding of your life.


What type of questions can a personalized online tarot reading answer accurately for me?

  • Relationship issues
  • Family drama
  • Job frustrations
  • Spiritual fulfillment
  • Financial success
  • Any other aspect of your life in which you can use some help and guidance.

You’ll be amazed at the answers your tarot reader gives and the intriguing possibilities the cards reveal!

“When I concentrate on a question, as I continue to shuffle the cards, I receive psychic messages about the issue at hand. Then once the cards are laid out, the messages I’ve received through psychic vision and the messages evidenced in the cards synch up together.”

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