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What are angel card readings?

Angel card readings are a way to connect with the beings that are all around us but that we do not necessarily sense or perceive in our everyday lives.

These include:

  • Recognizable angels from the Bible (Raphael, Michael, Gabriel) or Judeo-Christian lore (Uriel, Azrael, etc.).
  • Spirit guides (family spirits, guardian angels, and ascended masters.
  • Loved ones who have passed.

It is believed that all of us have angels and spirit guides and that they can be a positive guiding force in our lives, if we find a way to make the connection. This is the role of angel readings and angel card readings.

Angel card readings are typically very positive and inspiring, and aim to give you information for your highest good. They are a way to tap into the greater mysteries of the universe and receive guidance and wisdom from higher realms. The psychics who specialize in angel readings and angel card readings are known as psychic mediums, spiritual readers, or spiritual intuitives. They may connect directly with your angels and spirit guides, or they may use a special deck of cards to do an angel card reading.

What are angel cards?

Each card typically has an image and a message. The image may depict a specific angel and the message may speak to any area of your life, from money to fitness to romance to family, and so on. Or the message may relate to different emotions like love, anger, trust, or doubt, that you may be experiencing.

What is the difference between angel cards and tarot cards?

Angel card decks are different from Tarot cards readings in that there is no standard deck or standard set of symbols used for an angel card reading. Rather, different clairvoyants, psychics and artists create different decks according to their own insights.

What to expect during an angel card reading?

During the angel card reading, your question or situation is related to the images and messages on the cards. The advisor interprets the cards as messages in the form of affirmations or advice from the guardian angels and spirits that guide them. For more information, read our guide on what to expect during an angel card reading.

What are angel cards used for?

Angel readings and angel card readings allow you to ask almost anything, from very general questions like “What do my angels want me to know?” or “Do my spirit guides have something to tell me?” to very specific ones, such as: “Is this a good time for us to start a family?” or “How can I help improve my family’s financial situation?”

No matter what your question or concern, an angel reading can give you a sense of peace and a more satisfying perspective on what has happened and what is to come.

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Angel card readings tap into the presence of angels to guide you and help you feel less alone.

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