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Week of September 19, 2022

The week of September 19 begins with Venus in a beneficial aspect to Uranus, awakening curiosity and affection for the uncommon, allowing us to enjoy routinely overlooked joys. Libra Season begins Thursday, activating all things related to the seventh house of relationships., balance, and beauty. Friday, cerebral Mercury, moving retrograde, departs Libra and returns to Virgo. The week closes with the Libra New moon. Heal, focus, repair, and have fun with a Venus-themed New Moon ceremony to put the spark back into a current relationship. Pause and focus on new beginnings and love.

Tuesday, September 20, Venus makes a helpful Trine to Uranus; set your imagination free. The Trine stirs our dreams. Lovely Venus, the planet of beauty and devotion, currently in compassionate Virgo, acts as a magnet to attract the heart's desires. At the same time, revolutionary Uranus in Taurus liberates, shifting away from traditions and limitations.

On Thursday, September 22, Sun enters Libra. There is an elegant balance of darkness and light when Cardinal Air Libra ushers in the Autumnal Equinox. With the change of seasons, we tend to feel a mysterious inner and somewhat romantic shift for Libra, the graceful and fair ruler of the seventh house, is a sign that inherently comprehends romance.

Friday, September 23, Mercury retrograde moves back into Virgo, introducing the effort needed to clean up our messes, instrumental during the slower Mercury retrograde phase. Is there something you want to correct or complete? Find a way to clear up any misunderstandings, and not a text. Meet for coffee or pick up the phone. Call upon your Libra survival kit and reliable Mercury in Virgo discipline if you run into a snag. Don't permit anyone or anything to push your buttons. You'll notice that others are triggered more than usual; turn it around; spread love and light.

Sunday, September 25, the New Moon in graceful Libra activates the relationship zone of the Zodiac. Libra rules the seventh house; the area of relationships and our expectations in one-on-one connections. Although the personal cost may be significant, Libra wants to offer balance to others, sometimes forfeiting their own needs in the process.

We can set our intentions to welcome healing and love during the Libra New Moon. Romantic connections are especially favored now. Libra energy adds style, balance, and enjoyment to everything you do.

How will you celebrate the first week of autumn? Are you prepared for the season's change? Create a spa-like Libra ambiance, and begin your day with a New Moon meditation. Embrace beauty and balance! Call Psychic Source for clarity, and shine a light on your path!

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