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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of September 27, 2021

As the final week of September begins, cerebral Mercury starts a three-week retrograde cycle in graceful Libra, stirring the cosmic pot in the Zodiac's seventh house of relationships. The usual cautions apply; bothersome but necessary details consume our time in the first days of the Retrograde. Prepare for delays, back up your data, and embrace the gift of Mercury Retrograde by doing a little mental housecleaning.

Explore natural alternatives to reduce stress and seek to enjoy activities that promote balance and healing. Let the slower energy connect you with ways of releasing the unnecessary and creating balance.

Wednesday, September 29, partnership and integrity emerge as underlying themes supported by Venus in Scorpio as it makes a restorative Trine to Neptune in Pisces. Scorpio reveals hidden resources; Pisces lends creative solutions. Couples find it easier to solve personal conflicts through warm and honest conversation. Romantic connections surface, old love, new love, deep understanding.

With both Neptune and Venus, there is a remarkable synthesis of caring and creative characteristics. The transit might free you from the heartache of lost love, and at the same time, it could reunite old flames.

Venus and Mars enjoy Mutual reception for the time being, which helps to clear cynical or negative thinking. Connections are more profound than we thought possible. Expect reunions, transformation, or long-overdue closure.

Mercury retrograde is a perfect time to clear away the emotional debris in our lives. The slower energy allows us to review and release and forgive ourselves if we miss a few details. Psychic Source is here for you when you need answers and compassionate listening.

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