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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of February 24, 2020

Written by our in-house Astrologer, Moira x7776

This week, as February closes, and March begins, the Sun and waning Moon get cozy with the retrograde Mercury in Pisces, all in a beneficial Sextile to the action planet Mars. The Sextile helps to break down barriers with compassion, kindness, and spirituality. Neptune is an easy-going, lovey-dovey higher resonance of Venus. Use this energy to find your footing and gain faith. Although confusion may have erupted in recent weeks, we are confident that we can now understand what we must do to make repairs.

Emotional limits decline as Mercury travels Retrograde through Pisces. Outworn opinions regarding blame and guilt fall away, and acceptance develops and matures. Pisces' natural psychic ability is enhanced, and self-examination enlightens us, bringing awareness and certainty.

As the weekend approaches, Venus makes a challenging square to Pluto. Venus, currently in detriment in Aries, pushes for change, and Pluto demands transformation. Those born with this aspect tend to very direct and expect the same from others. If you've been holding something in your heart, it's bound to come out now, so stay to the facts, tell the truth and let love guide your actions. We'll feel a sense of release when the square breaks up.

A lot is happening this week; Mercury continues its backward flow through Pisces, so allow for delays and reunions and leave space for the unexpected. The sensitive Moon makes close conjunction to Mercury Retrograde and imaginative Neptune in Pisces; our boundaries are low, and the emotional tide is high. You may be feeling displaced, confused about love, and wondering what to do with this dreamlike energy. Call your Psychic Source for clarity - we're available when you need to talk! Connect with your favorite advisors now with appointments!

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