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Intuitive Psychics 
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Can’t put your finger on what you’re feeling and sensing? Our intuitive psychics make make good use of their empathic gifts.

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What is an intuitive empath?

While some psychics are gifted with talents that allow them to see the future or communicate with the dead, empaths have the ability to sense the emotions of those around them.

Empathic psychics often report being able to capture the sentiments of those within their general vicinity. If this sounds similar to something you are experiencing, this means that you're able to tell whether the people closest to you are feeling sad, angry, or happy.

What’s the difference between intuitive psychics and empaths?

Intuitive Psychics energetically tune in with an open heart chakra, which lets them see other people's perceptions of their problems through their thoughts and feelings, and intuitively know the answers. 

Empaths have a natural gift of experiencing other people’s feelings and states of being at any given time, offering them the ability to share those feelings and states with complete clarity and understanding.

Deeply understanding another person's challenges from their perspective often creates openings to solutions that would otherwise never manifest in any other way.

What can I expect from a reading with an intuitive psychic?

An intuitive psychic or empath listens to more than just your words. Intuitive readings require that empaths open themselves up energetically, in order to place themselves in your shoes. At the same time, they are tapping into source wisdom that sees past blockages that prevent you from finding solutions to your problems. From reading with an intuitive psychic, you can expect to find:

Confirmation. Oftentimes, you already know the answers to the questions you pose. The unspoken request is for confirmation that you already know what is right.

Reassurance. Sometimes you need someone to listen to your most pressing and private issues without judgment. Sharing these concerns with an intuitive psychic brings you a welcoming sense of relief and release.

Confidence. An empath or intuitive psychic can validate your decisions and help you to feel more confident that you're doing the right thing.

Understanding. With a strong empathic connection, intuitive psychics or empaths can feel just how difficult your situation is. Their empathy can make your burden less heavy and enable you to find solutions to move your life forward. 


How can an intuitive reading help you along your own journey as an empath?

As you come to understand your own gifts as an intuitive empath, spiritual and emotional support will provide the peace of mind you need to walk your path with confidence. Speaking with experienced intuitive psychics or empaths who have walked your path and found their way can offer advice and tools around the following:

  • How to decipher if what you’re feeling is truly yours or energy you’ve picked up from others
  • How to clear and uplift your energy
  • How to protect yourself from those who may consciously or unconsciously be draining your light
  • How to continue to grow your gift and understand your purpose on this plane

Psychic Source offers intuitive readings online through video or chat, and by phone. Learn more about the types of readings that we offer.