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Featured Review veejm8 6/4/2021 estrellas Lectura por teléfono

Hi John…your predictions between my POI and me are unfolding as weeks go by. I’m in awe and really pleased with your gift. Thank you for your continued guidance and support.

Pink82 6/12/2021 estrellas Lectura por teléfono

Thank you John once again for helping me clear my head.And clearing my doubts.And giving me positive advice's.If you need a good and honest advisor John is the one.Once again thank you John from St.Louis Missouri.

creatorjp 6/12/2021 estrellas Lectura por teléfono

Please call John! You will not be disappointed! His ability to tune into situations is unbelievably accurate! I’ve never seen anything like it!

creatorjp 6/10/2021 estrellas Lectura por teléfono

Call John! He is incredibly gifted. He told me something job related would happen on the 10th and a recruiter reached out on the 10th!!! It’s phenomenal!!

Flaca96 6/9/2021 estrellas Lectura por teléfono

Excellent reader, John has been my guide through a very difficult time in my life. I cannot thank him enough for the help and insight into illness and death of my husband.

SunsetParadise 6/9/2021 estrellas Lectura por teléfono

I am always able to get some relief after speaking with John! I truly enjoy our readings and John is always such a positive character that makes me laugh even with touchy subjects. I trust in him and will keep coming back! Thank you John! From your one and only Oklahoma!

Davidgt 6/9/2021 estrellas Lectura por teléfono

Excellent psychic, very profecional and the most important on point. If you are looking for a good reading John is the best. Amazing energies you will feel after getting a reading with him.

veejm8 6/9/2021 estrellas Lectura por teléfono

John gave me another marvelous reading this evening. His prediction regarding my POI and his mentor having an argument really happened today as I witnessed some tension between them. John is really precise on what he sees and it does happen. Everything he has been telling me for the past few months are slowly unfolding. It’s eerie, but at the same time fascinating. Thank you John for all your insightful advises to me. I can’t wait for the big prediction to happen. God bless you always…

pajoric 6/8/2021 estrellas Lectura por teléfono

Amazingly good!

Redalex 6/6/2021 estrellas Lectura por teléfono

I just had a lively discussion with John which made me smile, laugh and lifted my spirits. Initially, I felt weary and anxious. In this state, I’m not always receptive to his kind counsel. But John persists; he sees what is good and true but warns when applicable. I speak of both general long-term and specific short-term predictions, both have been eerily correct. I’ve spoken with John long enough to understand his assertion that free will can change the course. John has truly helped me move forward during a long and difficult journey. Tonight, as always, my concerns were put into perspective- thank you. I recommend John highly. He is consistent, compassionate and correct!