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Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of May 16, 2022

Our sense of what we know and why we hold onto beliefs could dramatically shift this week. Monday's Full Moon - Eclipse in truth-seeking Scorpio invites us to drop the stuff that no longer serves our highest good. Midweek, Mars connects with watery Neptune and awakens our ability to integrate empowering new dreams. Friday, the Sun moves into quick-minded Gemini. Fears about getting out there and meeting someone new fall away. You know you deserve a relationship with someone who honors you.

Passions long held under wraps ignite spectacularly under the Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse. The emotional energy is more direct than the average Moon. What did you affirm during the April 30 Taurus New Moon - Solar Eclipse? Now is the time to harness emotional strength and focus on your heart's desire.

Are you looking for love? A new romance is possible in the weeks following the Eclipse. The two weeks following a Full Moon are good for self-reflection and personal empowerment, and lasting relationships most often begin just after the Full Moon.

Friday, May 20, the Sun enters Gemini, the social butterfly of the Zodiac; it's Mutable Air, adding its magic to the Zodiac's third house of communication. Gemini longs to be as free-floating, circulate and exchange ideas with compatible thinkers. The energy is like a breath of fresh air. Even with Gemini's ruler Mercury in retrograde, we can think and speak more clearly. Curiosity leads to surprising discoveries. For the first time in quite a while, we look forward to running into people we know!

Mercury Retrograde connects with the Sun in Gemini before moving back into Taurus before stationing Direct on June 3. When Mercury Stations, the late degree of Taurus and the Square to Saturn in Aquarius, challenge the status quo. It's an opportunity to focus and put the finishing touches on a project you've meant to complete.

This week, a lot is happening; the Full Moon - a lunar eclipse, the Sun enters Gemini, and Mercury retrograde moves into Taurus. Are you moving forward or seeking to release a lingering regret? Psychic Source expert advisors can help you put the past into perspective and empower you with insights for tomorrow.

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