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Romantic Valentines Day Couple

February Astrological Forecast and Love Tips

February begins with the Sun in Aquarius and ends with Pisces. This month brings us St. Valentine’s Day, which can be both a blessing for many and a source of frustration for others. Rather than sit back and wait for things to happen, let’s take advantage of the astrological aspects and make February more harmonious and fun. Whether you have a partner or are single, you can still embrace the vibrations of love, the elements associated with the two Sun signs of this month.

As the month begins with the Sun in Aquarius, take this period to explore new ways to spruce up things in your life, specifically if you are in a relationship. Avoid getting bogged down with things that bring you stress or limit your creative energy. Aquarius, which Uranus rules, allows us to rethink old ways of doing things. Use your imagination and allow yourself to...  Read More

Los Horóscopos
Los Horóscopos

Algunos de los mejores astrólogos psíquicos de Tu Psíquico discuten sobre la función de los horóscopos en las lecturas psíquicas.

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