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Featured Review Marika99 10/26/2019 estrellas Lectura por teléfono

Has been accurate on many things. Compassionate and very helpful.

Karen5 10/24/2019 estrellas Lectura en chat

I enjoyed my reading. She was understanding and empathetic. She answered my questions and gave me time to think. I recommend Minerva to anyone who has questions. I will contact her again.

Althera 10/24/2019 estrellas Lectura por teléfono

Thank you, Minerva, for your gentle spirit, reassuring insight, and kind words. You've helped me find peace so that I can finally sleep.

travel123 10/20/2019 estrellas Lectura por teléfono

Amazing wlll call back!!!!

Marika99 10/18/2019 estrellas Lectura en chat

Honest, amazing and compassionate. Thanks for being patient and doing the best to help, and you did. Take care

Marika99 10/17/2019 estrellas Lectura por teléfono

Fantastic person and advisor. I am very grateful for her help. She really helped very much.

Teresamom6 10/13/2019 estrellas Lectura en chat

Very insightful and helpful!

Blessed1970 10/13/2019 estrellas Lectura por teléfono

Minerva is undeniably Accurate in her reading. She was so on point about me in General it felt like she knew me. Great reader & would definitely read with her Again. Unfortunately we ran out of time.

Marika99 10/7/2019 estrellas Lectura en chat

This was a higly accurate reading. Minerva also saw the entire picture and understood on a personal level. Thanks for fantastic help which matters a lot.

AlyssaA1689 10/4/2019 estrellas Lectura en chat

Minerva is AMAZING! I will not lie, I was skeptical to all of this, but she brought me contact to my Dad who is passed, when others couldnt. And I knew it was real because she brought up things no one could know by just a person's name. I am a believer now, I found out what I needed to at this time. And if the time arises I need to make contact with my Dad again, I will come back to her. If you are skeptical like I was, give Minerva a chance, I promise you it's worth it. Minerva, if you see these reviews, I know we got cut off but I want to thank you so much! You even picked up that I was overwhelmed while talking to you. You have an incredible gift, and I'm thrilled you are sharing it with people and with me. I can't tell you how much it meant to me. Thank you so much!