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Featured Review ZamD19 5/20/2021 estrellas Lectura en chat

Thank you for giving me helpful insights. I need to be patient, and just watch and wait for him to come to his senses. Thank you Godbless

Venus replied...

Thank You so much! I truly appreciate your kind words.  Love and Blessings to you!

852Tgif42 6/13/2021 estrellas Lectura en chat

Thank you for always being on point and thank you for helping me with my situation. Venus is very fast in chat and doesn’t waist your minutes

StarJumper 6/12/2021 estrellas Lectura en chat

Prediction pending in end of summer new job / job improvement also relief About perception being clarified to mgmt. 6Cups-Leo. On my second chat she was supportive and kind… although they were questions my inner self wanted support, so that in it self, is a live prediction because she knew exactly what I wanted to hear and it was someone to give me emotional support! Therefore I deem this reader accurate!

852Tgif42 6/8/2021 estrellas Lectura en chat

Thank you Venus for helping me with my situation I will keep in touch your always on point

FancyMzP 6/4/2021 estrellas Lectura por teléfono

Venus is such a kind and compassionate being! She provides detailed readings into the heart of the situation and POI. Thank you!

Sammyg505 6/1/2021 estrellas Lectura en chat

Venus has been really in tune in my energy and despite the rough situation all I can do is pray and let it be in Gods hands!

852Tgif42 5/29/2021 estrellas Lectura en chat

Thank you Venus for your guidance through out my situation everything comes to light and you are always on point thank you for being so caring and she always tells the truth even if you don’t like to hear it. Thank you Jennifer

kRistyla64 5/25/2021 estrellas Lectura en chat

Venus always does a great job!

Venus replied...

Thank you so very much for your comment! It is always a pleasure reading for you.  Lots of Love and Light.

nigel333 5/22/2021 estrellas Lectura por teléfono

Venusita is very sweet and understanding, I just got a little confused with the last and previous reading, I hope the next one is more clear, still Venus is my favorite!

Venus replied...

Thank You! I appreciate your feedback, dear one.  Much Love and many Blessings!

Cindy1 5/20/2021 estrellas Lectura en chat

Thoroughly enjoy our readings. Venus is great and has become one of my favorite advisors!

Venus replied...

Thank you very much for your wonderful feedback! It is truly a pleasure to read for you. With Love and Light.