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Next Level Astrology: Embracing Venus's Sensual Energy Podcast by Psychic Celine

Date 4/28/2023
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Needing more love and feel-good vibes? Don't worry, the planetary goddess Venus has you covered! Learn how to deepen your connection to Shukra and Venus energy!

Hey beautiful souls! It's Celine - your go-to for all things spirit and cosmic related. Today, in Astrology, we are going to be talking about our sister to our earth and the absolutely gorgeous, bright, pearly-white, sepia-dusted love planet (and goddess) Venus. Let's tune into the wealth of feminine energy and pleasure power that she provides, exploring how you can better put Venus energy to use in your life and welcome in her feel-good vibes into your home!

Venus Astrology

About Venus in Astrology

So when we talk about Venus's energy (or Shukra in Vedic astrology), it's important to understand that what she represents is first and foremost is desire and love. Venus ultimately personifies the deep inner mother within us all and rules all that is feminine, nurturing, beautifying, fulfilling, rewarding, and sensual. Venus is the energy of attraction, prosperity, abundance, and romance. At the core, planet Venus energy is all about receiving, following your bliss, and connecting with the good things in life. Allowing yourself to truly enjoy!

When we tap into Venus energy, what we get back are those amazing conversations with friends, raises and praises at work, unexpected gifts and surprises, expanded wealth and luxury, hot dates and deep romance, heightened physical pleasure, more laughter, more merriment, good food and drink, amplified beauty, harmony, enjoyment of the arts (music, dancing, painting, singing), and creation of them as well.

It's no coincidence that the day of the week we all naturally seek indulgences on is Friday as it's ruled by Venus. One super easy way to amp up your connection to her is to simply reserve Fridays for pampering yourself and indulging in whatever makes you feel good. And that can mean merrymaking of any kind, be it going out to eat, socializing, shopping, visiting the spa or making one at home, taking time for yourself to enjoy a good book, painting, playing guitar or piano, or just cleaning or decorating your home.

What Venus energy does is invites you to nurture yourself and bring love to everything around you. To enjoy squeezing the lemon, making that lemonade, and enjoying the fresh, sweet juice.

Venus Astrology

What to Expect from Venus this Year

The Planet of Pleasure normally visits each sign for about three weeks out of each year, but in 2023, due to a potent retrograde through Leo from July 22 to September 3, we'll get an extra special fourth. So, despite the intrinsic gloom of less "love" power beaming our way during the retrograde, it's a great time to really get analytical and look at our unfulfilled desires and reexamine their place on our wish lists—romantic partners, what we do to pass the time at home, or even role in our careers. We can, however, expect to see some added power from the love goddess as she travels through Taurus from March 21 - April 9 and moves into Libra from November 7 - November 28.

So this year Venus energy overall is really going to help heal some of the wounds and pain from last year by offering us even more opportunities to pick up and finally juice the fruits of life to help to make life sweet again; but we do have to be willing to see the opportunities as such and do "the work". So pay extra attention to whatever makes you feel good, gives you pleasure, reward, or uplifts and nurtures your spirits, and make sure to give props back to Venus to keep the sweetness rolling in! And really try to see the potential positive that each seemingly negative outcome or event has to give.

Venus Energy Pink Candle

How to Pull in More Venus Energy

A fantastic way to bring more Venus energy into your life this year is to start by inviting her into your home. To do this, simply set a few minutes aside to fix your attention on the planet (and the beautiful love goddess) and do the following:

1. Do a Venus Meditation 

Listen to a guided Venus meditation or easily let yourself visualize and come into alignment with any of your desires that are in tune with Venus's flow: passion, love, nourishment, bliss, romance, fulfillment, and all of the finer things in life that you wish to explore: 

See yourself actually driving home in that new car you've been dreaming of...

Envision that warm embrace from that special someone your mind's been on...

See yourself being pampered and feeling luxurious at a spa...

Envision your boss surprising you with a bonus and feel how good it feels to be recognized for your work…

Try to really let yourself "feel" as though those moments are happening and enjoy how warm and loved Venus will make you feel!

2. Welcome Venus into Your Home

Follow your meditation by lighting a candle (ideally one that's clean, all-natural, and as luxurious or aesthetically pleasing to you as you can get) to welcome Venus's spirit into your home. You can choose one that's white, pink, or green, and aromatically pleasing like vanilla or bergamot, or even rose, and place it in a beautiful glass jar or elegant base to reflect Venus' energy. As you light the candle, know and trust that Venus power is present and equally honored to be a guest in your home.

3. Do a Venus Cleaning

From there, after you've taken a minute to enjoy that good aroma (just as Venus would), let yourself be guided to an area of your home that could use some extra love and start tidying it up, beautifying your living space, closets, drawers, or by adding in something new and aesthetically pleasing to a desk or wall, such as a photo or painting that represents the good life to you that will remind you each and every time you look at it to feel nurtured, luxurious, beautiful, nourished, and loved. Let Venus help you give your home an extra dose of amore!

Venus Astrology Pink Outfit

4. Create a Venus Wardrobe

You can even add a Venus section to your wardrobe by pulling in Venus' planetary colors with shades of whites, nourishing pinks, and luxurious feeling green clothing, jewelry (like diamonds, opal, and white topaz) and accessories. Just think: What makes me feel pretty? What makes me feel luxurious? What makes me feel loved? Choose your Venus attire as pieces that makes you feel more beautiful, confident, warm, empowered, and tells the world "I'm your Venus!". Then continue this process into your skincare and body cleansing routine, your makeup kit, perfumes, colognes, etc.

5. Create a Venus Goddess Playlist 

Play! Have fun! Compile a song list that helps you embrace your own inner love goddess with romantic, classical era music, soothing jazz, soft and good vibing instrumentals, empowerment ballads, or popular love hits.

6. Decorate with Venus Energy

Invite Venus energy into your room by exchanging your bedding with new silky sheets, decorating with soft, velvety pillows that provoke the senses, furniture or accent pieces that are ornate, or elegantly designed, warming candles, a sexy or soft robe and slippers. And look to add anything that nods back to the beauty of Mother Earth, such as green plants, a vase of flowers such as white or pink roses, place a rose quartz crystal on a counter. Put up a painting of the ocean at sunset or a jungle waterfall. Add some books about Venus or the Romantic time era to your bookshelf or side table. Declutter! Simply look to clean and organize and beautify everything from the inside out to better connect with Venus energy. (Tip: To better tune into Venus planet energy, sing to Venus or chant a Shukra Mantra while you do these things.)

Venus Energy Pink Flowers

7. Create a Venus Altar

You can really bring in Venus’s energy by creating a specific focal point or altar for the planetary goddess to better help you harness the more amazing Venus experiences year-round. One way to go about designing a goddess Venus altar would be as follows:

  • Clean your space (with a nice, natural cleaner), then bless the area with floral rose water (homemade is best as it will help you to better focus your intention). If you want to cover it, use a cloth that feels and looks luxurious yet feminine (like white lace, pretty pink silk, or green linen).
  • You then want to add something that represents each element: earth, air, fire, and water. For your water offering, add a bowl or goblet that feels "feminine", "beautiful", or "luxurious" (you can opt for something as opulent and ornate like crystal or simply naturally beautiful like a wooden or ceramic bowl). For air, light incense such as rose, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, or bergamot. For earth, green jade stones or rose quartz crystals. (You can even add in some pennies, as Venus connects with copper, especially if money plays a role in manifesting your desire!) And, for fire, go with a candle that's clean, white, green, or pink or that's on a holder or in a glass jar that's as elegant and beautiful as lady Venus herself.
  • You can continue to honor your relationship with Venus by placing offerings on your altar that are indulgent like rich dark chocolates, strawberries, honey, coconut, or fatty nuts, olives, roses, seashells, and red wine.
  • Tip: If more physical beauty is something you seek, or more self-love is something you need, place a mirror on your altar and trust and know that Venus will help you to truly transform!

8. Expect Gifts and Extra Love from Venus 

Watch for all the amazing and wonderful gifts that will come into your life from Venus this year. Start by noticing the small luxuries: The random penny you find on the street or the unexpected call from a friend. The sudden discount on something you really, really wanted, or opportunities that gift you time to nurture yourself or someone else that you care deeply about. Pay attention to how all of the small experiences add up and lead to even greater ones as your connection with Venus grows and grows. And what I love to do, to really call things in, is to step outside and try to spot her (super easy, as Venus is the second-brightest object in the sky outside of the Moon) and thank her for whatever wealth of positive love energy I've experienced or still wish to have in my life.

While Venus first asks of you, like a mother, to take care of yourself and your own spirit before others, she is also a fantastic giver and will aid you to be the same in any relationship. So with any aspect of your life, be it work, love, or home, you can call on Venus to help you give others those same, deeply amazing, good-feely, loving Venus vibes.

Let Venus guide you to listen to your heart, to follow your bliss, to allow yourself the gift of feeling love, receiving anything that you desire, and to truly enjoy each and every moment as if it were a sweet, sweet piece of fruit!

Visit the Psychic Source Guide to Astrology for even more information about the Planet Venus!


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Celine is a fourth-generation psychic medium, intuitive, and powerful lightworker here to help guide you to higher levels of love, joy, and bliss by connecting you with the gift of spirit and guidance from beyond. She has studied and trained extensively under some of the world's most renown intuitive and psychic thought leaders in an array of spiritual, metaphysical, and cosmic subject matter, and is always up for the challenge in helping you discover your highest self and the answers you need to live your life to the very best!


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