30th Anniversary Connections Calendar

30 years of fostering connections calls for a serious celebration! In honor of our anniversary, we’ve put together this calendar as a special gift to you. Stay up to date on psychic events, promotions, celestial events, meditations, and more. By adding this to your calendar today the events will integrate with your personal calendar and be automatically updated throughout the year.

Be prepared for the year ahead with free, invaluable psychic tools and never miss a moment of inspiration.

May - Lightworkers Connect Us Through Service and Compassion

Lightworkers spread kindness and foster connections through their work every single day. This month, we’re shedding light on those individuals whose contributions better society. This includes our Advisors, our customers, and the incredibly hard-working charities participating in our Kindness Program. Learn a bit about these lightworkers, join our Kindness Program, and find out how you can shine your light even brighter!