30th Anniversary Connections Calendar

30 years of fostering connections calls for a serious celebration! In honor of our anniversary, we’ve put together this calendar as a special gift to you. Stay up to date on psychic events, promotions, celestial events, meditations, and more. By adding this to your calendar today the events will integrate with your personal calendar and be automatically updated throughout the year.

Be prepared for the year ahead with free, invaluable psychic tools and never miss a moment of inspiration.

September: Reach Spiritual Awakening by Putting in the (Energy) Work

It’s not called energy work for nothing—it takes some effort.

To think one can achieve spiritual awakening simply by wishing it into fruition is, unfortunately, a bit of a pipe dream. We know you’re committed to getting to know the inner, deeper YOU, but finding a starting point is where most get hung up.

This month we’ll focus on helping you: Find your driving force; strengthen your intuition; raise your vibration; manifest your desires; overcome or accept grief and deepen your connection with spirit.