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  • Specialties: Clairvoyant, Love Psychic, Pet Psychic, Energy Healing, Clairaudient
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More About Crystal

Years of Experience: 49

Hello and welcome. My name is Crystal, and my journey as a psychic spans almost half a century. For 49 years, I have been blessed to have a deep and profound connection to the energies and spirits that surround us. I possess abilities in Clairvoyance (seeing) - sentience (feeling) - cognizance (Knowing) and audience (hearing) I also have expertise as a love psychic, pet psychic, medium, and much more. Dreams have always been a special language for me, and I've spent years interpreting them, along with diving deep into numerology to understand the universe's patterns.

Healing has always been close to my heart. Whether it's through spiritual teachings, chakra cleansing, and balancing, or the simple laying on of hands, my primary goal is to bring balance and harmony to those I connect with. It's a role I cherish deeply, as an ordained minister, where I use stones for healing and balance.

Many ask why I chose this path. For me, it was never really a choice.  Awakening my understanding of people, animals and vibrations of the earth, all took hold in my younger years, becoming compassionate to others’ feelings and their needs, feeling the energy of our earth and all living things. My bonded childhood friends where animals and my spirit guides, which taught me patience and the animals taught me of loyalty and love. The gifts I've been endowed with are not just for me; they are meant to be shared. Each reading I offer is deeply involved and passionate, with the ultimate aim of providing uplifting insights. I want you to walk away with clarity, feeling that your path is a bit clearer and with the strength to overcome obstacles. My readings are filled with genuine concern, bonding, and a calming presence to help you feel at ease.

Being a humanitarian at heart, caring for others is innate for me. I believe in bringing love and positivity to everyone I meet. Recognizing the energy of soulmates, communicating with animals, and even assisting law enforcement in critical situations have all been part of my unique journey. My experiences, including the times I've encountered near-death and the countless moments I've received pre-disaster alerts, have only deepened my connection and commitment to this work. I’ve been blessed in the past with my own TV and radio show, traveled to many events giving lectures

However, it's essential to understand that my approach is gentle. . Hearing your voice is always my first vibration into helping you. I believe that the truth, no matter how challenging, can be presented with compassion. Easing someone into understanding, instead of confronting them with harsh realities, is often more productive and caring. .

In a world filled with uncertainties, I aim to bring a semblance of balance, clarity, and hope. Allow me to be a beacon for you in times of doubt and darkness, and together, let us find the light.

Words of Wisdom

You have a purpose that no other human can take credit for. Discover your path.

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1542 reviews since Feb 2010

Featured Review Ragnar5 12/31/2020 stars Phone Reading

Love Crystal. She has been great with me. Very positive and accurate

Jnz1417 12/6/2023 stars Phone Reading

I appreciate all your Help for my current situation, I greatly appreciate you.

Crystal replied...

This is so important for your future and your happiness, I will keep sending energy your way. Praying this holiday season is more in tune to your needs .

Jnz1417 11/28/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thank You Crystal, I Greatly Appreciate the Help

Crystal replied...

Thank You , You have a special journey right now and it is very important that you believe in your heart of the out come. I will always send you positive energy to help you. Blessings

chricy 11/24/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Crystal

Crystal replied...

Thank you for our inspiring chats. we cover so much around your awakening. Wishing you happy holidays

Carlitos 11/23/2023 stars Phone Reading

Just love her, always kind and comforting as well as connected to the situation. Predictions are close

Crystal replied...

Thank You for your kind words, I am always delighted to meet special people like you. giving you balance and helping you see the future is my gift to you.

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