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What Do Dreams Mean?

According to Sigmund Freud, one of the founders of modern psychology and a pioneer of dream interpretation in the 20th century, dreams provide a direct connection to our unconscious selves. With the exception of lucid dreaming, where the dreamer is self-aware, in most cases events that occur in dreams are usually outside the control of the dreamer. Buried memories, feelings and thoughts that we may not be aware of in our waking life come to the forefront when we fall asleep and dream.

What Does It Mean if You Have a Nightmare?

While analyzing your dreams can be a fun experience, sometimes we feel a higher sense of urgency to find out what our nightmares are about. Common nightmare themes include:

  • Being chased.

  • Having your teeth fall out.

  • Taking a test when you’re not prepared.

These are all dreams that can indicate anxiety or fear. Our psychic advisors can will provide the peace of mind you're seeking by revealing the root of your nightmare and helping you work through the issues causing them. Sleep soundly once again by consulting with our psychics for nightmare analysis.

What is the Psychic Meaning of Dreams?

Dream interpretation is considered a powerful tool for accessing the unconscious and finding meaning and guidance in the spiritual realm. Psychic Advisors, including but not limited to clairvoyants, clairsentients and psychic mediums, are able to delve into dream meanings to provide rich, insightful readings on every topic that matters to you.

It is also commonly believed that dreams – in addition to angel card readings from psychic mediums - are a way for spirit guides and loved ones who have passed to convey messages to us in this world.

Dreams come in many forms, but a psychic premonition will resonate with you in a unique way and often, it will leave you questioning the profoundness of it. Often, a psychic dream may involve someone who has passed away and may be revisiting you with a message. They have also been known to spiritually connect lovers in times of distance. One thing is for sure, trust your intuition.

When a psychic or precognitive dream occurs, you will know it, you will feel it. Interpreting the meaning behind it is a personal choice. A trusted psychic Advisor who has researched and understands the depth of a psychic dream experience will help to provide resonance and peace of mind should you need it.

A psychic dream interpretation will reveal layers of deeply personal meaning hidden in your dreams.

How to Prepare for a Dream Interpretation

There are a few ways to prepare for your dream interpretation. The following is a guideline, but remember that your dreams are personal and how you come to the table may be as well.

  1. Keep a dream diary

  2. Identify how you feel in the dream(s)

  3. Note reoccurring instances if there are any

  4. Trust your intuition

Recording your dreams can help to improve future dream recall, as well as provide your advisor with important details for the reading. Once you have a record of dreams that you are interested in analyzing, a dream interpretation will look at the symbols, connections and patterns to uncover hidden dream meanings. Dream interpretation can also connect patterns in your dreams to events, emotions and issues in your waking life.