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Featured Review Mya1993 7/17/2019 estrellas Lectura en chat

This lady is scary accurate! I knew in my heart everything she was saying was honest I felt it in my soul.

Guerrera1 7/19/2019 estrellas Lectura por teléfono

Precisa, certera en su vision en todo lo que me indico. Desde un inicio me sorprendio porque yo no le di ninguna informacion respecto a mi vida, solo me pregunto que queria saber y fue cuando empezo a darme detalles que solo yo sabia. Ademas de ello contesto mi preguntas y adicionalmente me aconsejo. Gracias

Sheila516 7/16/2019 estrellas Lectura por teléfono

Didn't give me much to go on.

Lily2019 7/7/2019 estrellas Lectura en chat

Very accurate!!! She is very good!!

Elaine0130 6/23/2019 estrellas Lectura en chat

Very spot on!

leticia6634 6/21/2019 estrellas Lectura en chat

Gave me the answer I was looking for, now I will wait to see what will happen. I don't normally use these types of things but I needed answers. she made me feel as ease with my situation.

psychiccounselor 6/16/2019 estrellas Lectura por teléfono

Great reading. Utilized cards and intuition to provide requested information while remaining objective without personal opinions regarding the subject matter.

Robinbev255 6/15/2019 estrellas Lectura en chat

Fabiola was kind & patient with me as I believe that she was able to sense my nervousness. The information that she provided me with was very on target. I wouldn’t hesitate to have another reading with her!

matty0717 6/4/2019 estrellas Lectura por teléfono

Not much giving to me at all.

Richelle2243 5/7/2019 estrellas Lectura en chat

She is very sincere I appreciate her reading.